Shipping Policy


We offer the following shipping method:
- 7-10 days (worldwide)
Sometimes this might be a bit more or a bit less, due to circumstances. If you didn't receive your package, please contact us.
Sometimes it can happen that a delivery has failed. The reason for this is not always clear. Unfortunately, we are not in control of the delivery process. The product will get returned automatically to us. In that case, we will ship it again when we received the return, and we will send out a new tracking code to the customer. We make a total of 3 attempts to deliver your package if the delivery company failed to deliver the package. After these 3 attempts, we will contact you to find a better solution.
Sometimes, it's the customers' fault that the package hasn't been delivered correctly. For example: putting in the wrong address/housenumber, or not picking up the package from a pick-up-point. If this is the case, we will make a total of 2 attempts. After these 2 attempts, the next delivery costs are for the customer. It's the customers responsibility to fill in the correct address and pick up the package if it has been delivered to a pick-up-point. We advise the customer to hold on to the tracking information for the most accurate information.